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Interior finishing


Exterior finishing


Material supply

Ainer Group is company that specializes at interior finishing works as well as exterior finishings upon request.
Our guarantees are of high quality services and quality materials according to our clients specific requirements.

Ainer Group will take over the projects dealing with all types of interior/exterior and flooring works.
Our team of project coordinators, on-site managers and installation specialists are ready to join the project whenever needed.

Materials Supply

For your needs in project we can supply a wide variety of materials. And IMO/MED certified products for marine sector.

  • all kinds of primers, concretes and self-levelling compounds and adhesives
  • tiles, carpets, vinyls
  • epoxy/polyurethane coatings
  • artificial grass turf and more!



We are constantly searching for experienced personnel to join us. If you need a job and have experience in marine interior sector – do not hesitate and fill in the form (or attach your CV). If you want to add something more that you think is important for us to know, additional information can be written in the message section below.