Celebrity Apex

Location: France
Works in process: deck preparations, anticorrosion primer covering, lightweight concrete installation for areas under stone tiles, lightweight self-levelling compound installation for floors under carpets and vinyls. Carpets, vinyls installation. Stone tiles installation (with epoxy grouting and decorative profiles).

Crystal Endeavor

Location: MV Werften Bremerhaven (Stralsund, Germany)
Scheduled for launch: year 2020
Ship class: ice-strengthened expedition mega-yacht
Passengers: 200     Crew: 200
Decks: 8     Cabins: 100
Length: 183 meters
Works in progress: metal deck surface preparations, waterways installation.
To be followed by works: various types of floating floors (viscoelastic layers + steelplates + insulation wool slabs + metal sheets & visco in between). Concrete on floor installation (in wet areas). Self-levelling cement compounds (lightweigt and standart weight) in areas under carpet and vinyl. Final works of carpet and vinyl installation.