Celebrity Apex (K-34)

Location: Chantiers de l’Atlantique (Saint-Nazaire, France)
Ship class: passenger ship    IMO: 9838383
Passengers: 3521     Crew: 1320
Decks: 16     Cabins: 1467     Length: 306 meters
Works done:

* floor steel deck preparations (anticorrosion paint covering)

* lightweight concrete installation for areas under stone tiles

* lightweight self-levelling compound installation for areas with carpets and vinyls.
* roll carpets installation
* vinyls (LVT) installation
* various stone tiles and tile skirtings installation (incl. epoxy grouting and decorative floor joining profiles)

Edeka office

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Date: December, 2019
Works done:
* concrete cracks repairs on floors
* carpet (module tiles) installation

Crystal Endeavor

Location: MV Werften Bremerhaven (Stralsund, Germany)
Ship class: ice-strengthened expedition mega-yacht    IMO: 9821873
Passengers: 200     Crew: 200
Decks: 8     Cabins: 100     Length: 183 meters
Works done:
* lightweight self-levelling cement for deck floor levelling
* “L” and “C” shaped profile installations on deck perimeter
* A60 type floating floors installation (including PU viscoelastic layers and 2mm steelplates)