Welcome to Ainer Group! We are a company that specializes in interior finishing works as well as some specific exterior finishings upon request. Our guarantees are of high quality services and quality materials according to our clients specific requirements.

Ainer Group will take over the projects dealing with all types of interior/exterior and flooring works.
Our team of project coordinators, on-site managers and installation specialists are ready to join the project whenever needed.

Professionalism, competence, skills allow us to work with projects all across Europe.
We are able to work individually or in a group of companies as one team (more information depending on work scope, types of jobs, length of contract period).

Ainer Group can offer and supply a variety of interior/exterior finishing works for shipbuilding
and inland projects and are fully capable of:

  • refurbishment-renovation projects
  • new-built projects
  • wall-ceiling framing and paneling, surface preparation, painting/wallpaper coverings
  • various types of tiling works on floors/walls and in special areas as showers/saunas
  • all types of flooring from subfloors preparations til concrete and levellings
  • installation of tiles, carpets, vinyls, seamless epoxy/polyurethane resins
  • all types of coverings in wet areas: galleys, showers, saunas etc.
  • technical areas of anti-slip coverings or as example ship top-deck coverings with artificial grass turf

As of small company flexibility we are not limited by any project locations. Feel free to accept our offers for works in public areas as hotels, shops, restaurants as well as privately owned apartments, commercial buildings and sea or river cruise-ships.

Knowing the specifics of construction market with demand for quality materials, precise timing, labor productivity and guarantees – starting with material supply and finishing with final installation works – we will find the right solution for you at the most reasonable costs!